Creative Cookbook: Full Book (PDF Download)


  • Over 150 pages of creative activities for children
  • 19 step-by-step activities
  • 19 recipes
  • 16+ games
  • QR code that grants you access to the “how-to” video library


Product Description


The Creative Cookbook is designed to help children step away from the distractions of the world and channel their creativity. Inside, you’ll find activities curated to foster young minds through hands-on learning. Each page includes step-by-step instructions to help guide you and your child through each experience.


There are over 150 pages of creative activities for your kids to do at home. This book includes 19 step-by-step activities (experiments, paper crafts, and more), 19 children-friendly recipes and snacks, and over 16 games to play inside the book. 

A QR code included in the downloadable book that will give you access to a library of “how-to” videos. These videos explain in more detail how to do some of the activities. 

Book size: 8×8




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