Meet the Creative Team
We are the creators of The Creative Cookbook. Soon to be graduates, we have all come together to put our skills to work. In a short period of time we have put in around 400 hours collectively for this project. Our goal is to bring parents and their children experiential learning opportunities through a wide variety of fun and interactive activities. And to be able to do it all within the walls of their own homes.
ASHLYNN Ferguson
Hey there! I’m Ashlynn, and I’m a big advocate of playing with your food – don’t tell mom. That being said, food photography is my forte. I oversaw the food photography for many of the recipes in our Creative Cookbook and also enjoyed editing many of the other photos taken for the book, creating the page layouts, and writing easy-to-follow recipes. When I’m not busy with my own creative projects, you can find me playing with my adorable niece and nephew or unwinding with some fresh air on a run or hike. For as long as I can remember, I have loved to create. Before I found my love for photography, I had dreams of becoming an interior designer. I attribute my love for creating to my heritage of creative women and live by my Great Grandma Pearl’s words: “I may have ugly hands, but they sure do make beautiful things.” I hope we can each learn something from her wise words. Whatever our circumstances may be, I believe we can each make something beautiful.
WILL Lishman
Hi friends, I’m Will! I was an illustrator and graphic designer for the Creative Cookbook. I had the opportunity to create the book’s logo, as well as come up with and design some of the book’s fun activity pages. In addition to drawing and doodling, I love hanging out with friends, making jokes and pulling pranks. I have always been a huge Star Wars fan, and as a kid I dreamed of becoming an astronaut so I could go visit galaxies far, far away. Even if I don’t go up to space anytime soon, I hope I never stop dreaming, because like Muhammad Ali once said, “The man who has no imagination has no wings.”
Hi I’m Amalia! My role in designing the creative cookbook was food photography and editing images. My core strength is photography. Something that most people don’t know about me is that I am a singer. When I was little, I wanted to be a grade schoolteacher. When I am not working, I enjoy running, playing the piano, hanging out with my family and friends, and watching movies. My personal motto is “There is no failure only feedback.”
Hey there friends! I’m Nina! I helped create some of the pages found in the Creative Cookbook. Being creative has helped me get the most out of life! My creative outlets are photography, illustration, drawing, and painting! A secret skill I have is singing. I am a lyric soprano, which just means I can sing really high notes. When I was a kid, I wanted to be either a teacher or a graphic designer. I enjoy helping others learn and improve, but I am very grateful to have pursued the creative path that I am on. When I am not working, I enjoy hiking, reading, watching movies, and playing video games with my husband. My personal motto comes from the live-action Cinderella, “Have courage and be kind.”
Hey I’m Kenzie! In the creation process of this book, I created the content for a few of the pages and helped put this website together. Besides photography, video, and design I love playing soccer. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a photographer, so I am very happy to be where I am. When I’m not working, I like going camping, hiking, swimming, and sometimes just watching Netflix. My personal motto is “Don’t be afraid to change your perspective and mindset through new knowledge and experience.”
McKENsey Shaw
Hi. I’m McKensey and my main roles in making the Creative Cookbook are content creation for some of the activity pages and helping to design and provide content for the website. I love creating all sorts of things in many different areas including graphic design, web design, photography. I really love to design clothing as well.   A skill or talent I have that most people don’t know about is that I can do some pretty darn good face painting when Halloween time comes around. When I was a kid, I wanted to be Old McDonald when I grew up and own cows and chickens and pigs and horses (I still want to be a farmer though). When I’m not creating, I love spending time with my husband and kiddos. My personal motto is to help others find joy.
Sarah Layton
Hi, I’m Sarah! I love being creative, and even more, I love creating things that inspire others to find their own creativity. The creative skills I used to design this book were graphic design, creative writing, and copy editing. Graphic design is by far my favorite skill to use while being creative. When I’m not working, I love having picnics with my husband, going on hikes, swimming, and playing board games. I live my life by the phrase, “Choose your love and love your choice.” This phrase simply means, make the choice to be, do, and surround yourself with something that you love, after you make a choice continue to love and it don’t look back even if things get hard.
Matt pond
My name is Matt! I was a graphic designer and editor for the Creative Cookbook! I also love playing games and being with friends! I love to make things and create stories. With that said I am really good at making movies, taking pictures with photography, and making drawings and designs! When I was a kid, I wanted to be a fireman! In my spare time I love spending time with my friends. In the words of Jedi Master Yoda, my personal motto is, “Do or do not. There is no try”.
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