With over 150 pages of creative activities for your kids to do at home, the Creative Cookbook will allow your child to explore his or her creativity! They will love the fun recipes, step by step activities, experiments, paper crafts, games and more found inside their Creative Cookbook!
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Paper Roll Binoculars

The world is far more interesting through a creative lens! What would your little one see through their homemade binoculars? What You'll Need... 2 toilet paper rolls Washi tapeHole-puncherYarn, twine, or ribbonScissors First.. Allow your little one to decorate...

Paper Hand Cactus

It's every child's right of passage to make a paper-hand craft at one point or another, and even after years of this tradition, these quick and easy crafts never seem to get old - although the kids might! Our version of this easy activity definitely deserves a spot on...

Plastic Cup Bowls

Watch your kids’ imagination flourish as they craft their very own dish in a matter of minutes! The Best Part? All you need is a plastic cup, a couple of permanent markers, and an oven! Decorate! Begin by having your child decorate their plastic cup. Encourage them to...

Frozen Banana Pops

Is there any better way to brighten a kids' day than with ice cream? Well, maybe now there is! These chocolate-covered banana pops are a more nutritious take on a classic frozen treat, and we think your kids will have a blast making them! What you'll need... To start,...

Marshmallow Penguins

We consider it a win when a treat can double as an activity, and these Marshmallow Penguins are no exception! Not only are they adorable and delicious, but this simple treat would be a great way to bring the whole family together for some quality fun time. What you'll...

Apple Chips

Nowadays, it can be tricky to find snacks that are both nutritious and delicious. Most store-bought snacks for children are full of added sugars which is not a sustainable source of energy for their rapidly growing minds and bodies! We suggest trying to find recipes...

Popsicle Stick Airplanes

Have you ever dreamt of what it might be like to fly? While we can't make that dream come true, we have a craft that lands in as a close second! Watch your child's imagination soar to new heights as they create their own popsicle stick airplanes! What you will need......

Ziplock Ocean Scene

Great experiences don't need to require great costs. We, the Creative Cookbook Team, believe that some of the best experiences and memories your children can have are within the walls of your home! That being said, we believe you can bring the explorative experience...

Paper Towel Rainbow Craft

Rain or shine, a rainbow is sure to make any day better! We've found a way to bring rainbows in, regardless of the forecast. Whether it's the weather or a world-wide pandemic keeping you indoors, we're sure this rainbow craft will brighten the day in a matter of...

Pretzel Peanut Butter(flies)

It can be difficult to find snacks that are both nutritious and appealing for little ones, but with a little creativity, we think our peanut butter-pretzel-carrot butterfly creations will be just as irresistible as they are sustainable for those growing bodies! The...
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The Creative Cookbook has fun, simple recipes that are great for kids of all ages! From animal toast to banana sushi, they will love making these yummy treats.
Activities in the creative cookbook are all centered around home products. Who knew you could create moon sand with two simple ingredients in your home? Each activity has simple instructions and entertaining crafts that will help kids expand their creativity. 
These games are focused on fine motor skills and creative thinking. Children get to make monsters, draw hairstyles, connect the dots, and much more. Feel free to color right inside your book or rip out pages to hang creations on the fridge.
“Look at my puppets, these look amazing!” 

(Finger Puppets) – Parker

“I love doing this stuff mom.”

(Moon Sand) – Franklin

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